Lunawood Thermowood, Jukola 3D panels

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Jukola Industries is an innovative Finnish production company, which develops and produces 3D wood textures, patterns and graphics. Combined with premium quality Lunawood Thermowood we can offer new innovative Themowood products. Lunawood and Jukola cooperation is worldwide exclusive when Thermally Modified Timber is used with Jukola patented profiling.

Jukola 3D wooden surfaces are composed of specially machined, yet conventional wooden profile boards, which can be applied infinitely to the interior as well as to the exterior. This allows a simple and quick installation with an enormous variety of combinations of the diverse textures and patterns.

Jukola 3D textures suit modern and traditional style surfaces in private and public houses, hotels, restaurants and offices. Non-toxic, VOC- and resin free Lunawood Thermowood is a perfect choice for interiors and it also has sound absorbing qualities.

The Lunawood Jukola Portfolio has 6 beautiful textures. By combining Lunawood with Jukola you can realize individual design for interior surfaces and exterior facades. Natural wood with unique outlook creates a cosy and memorable atmosphere.


  • Impressive 3D surface with many texture variations
  • Can be combined with flat Thermowood profile
  • For interior and outdoor surfaces
  • Patented production technique
  • Resin free and non-toxic.