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Lunawood Ltd, established in 2000, is an innovative pioneer in the thermal modification of wood. It has grown to be the global market leader of thermally modified wood. The company status is based on the quality of its products and production capacity.

Oy Lunawood Ltd has grown rapidly and today employs 80 people at three production plants in Iisalmi, Kaskinen and Joensuu with the management and sales office in Lahti in Finland. The annual production capacity has risen to 105,000 m3 and this has made the company the number one Thermowood producer in the world. Lunawood exports 94% of its products.

Why use Lunawood?

Lunawood BIM objects

Lunawood BIM objects are designed for architects, designers and constructions professionals to ease up and make the design process smoother. With BIM objects you can see your design in a very realistic way using the Lunawood profiles that gives you the best idea on how your project will look when finished.

Download Lunawood BIM objects

Lunawood project with BIM objects

Lunawood project in real life

Lunawood Products

Frequently asked questions about Lunawood

  1. What is Lunawood? – Thermally modified Scandinavian Pine and Spruce.
  2. What does thermal modification means? – In thermal modification timber goes to oven where temperature goes up to 212 degree celsius. The process takes up to 110 hours and only heat and steam are used. Thermal modification not only changes the colour of the timber but also timber’s chemical and physical properties making it more weatherproof and dimensionally stable.
  3. Where can I use Lunawood? – Indoors and outdoors.
  4. How do install Lunawood? – Lunawood has installation instructions for both decking and facade applications. For decking, span of the joists is 450mm for 26mm thick profiles and 600mm for 40mm thick profiles. For facade application the span of the joists is 600mm.
  5. How durable it is? – Lunawood is certified with durability class 2 according to European standard, exterior applications above the ground.
  6. How well does it last in sun? – Lunawood will turn grey over time and might show some small cracks and splits.
  7. Does it require maintenance? – Lunawood is weatherproof and do not require maintenance to withstand time. Maintenance is recommended to keep the dark brown colour and avoid small cracks and splits over time.
  8. How do I maintain Lunawood? – Lunawood can be oiled, waxed, treated with any liquid suitable for wood material. Lunawood recommends to rely on local guidance of liquid manufacturers.
  9. Is it termite resistant? – Lunawood is NOT termite resistant as it’s 100% natural material. Lunawood can be treated with liquids that has termite protection.
  10. Does it cup, warp or twist? – Lunawood is approximately twice as more stable timber compared to untreated timbers and common tropical hardwoods. As Lunawood is natural material, these failures may occur over time in some level.
  11. What are the standard sizes? – Lunawood has product portfolio brochure that introduces all standard profiles available.
  12. What is the weight of Lunawood? – Lunawood average weight is 410kg/m3.
  13. Does Lunawood has guarantee? – Lunawood do NOT have guarantee because it is natural material. Lunawood has installation and maintenance instruction for most common applications to achieve maximum lifespan of the product.
  14. What is the expected lifespan of Lunawood? – Lunawood has BRE certification stating 30 years of lifespan in middle- European climate. For Souther Africa estimated lifespan is 15 years due to high UV radiation, without treatment.
  15. What is the fire rating of Lunawood? – Lunawood have d4 rating which means it same as any natural timber. In order to increase the fire class, Lunawood can be treated with fire resistant liquid.
  16. What certifications does Lunawood have? – Lunawood has following certifications: BRE (Building Research Establishment – 30 years lifespan), KOMO (guarantee the resist to decay), PEFC (world’s largest sustainable forest certification), ECOLABEL (CO2 emission certification), CE mark (declaration of conformity of European standard requirements) and TITA (The International Thermowood Association member)
  17. Where can I get the specifications for architects? Please see the product portfolio brochure for more details. To get the brochure email us
  18. How does Lunawood compares to other thermowoods or thermo treated Pine products? – Lunawood is the only brand in Southern Africa that is a member company of International thermowood association. Membership is a guarantee for our clients that Lunawood goes through the international quality standards that are set fro thermowood quality. Lunawood also has the wides portfolio of products for various of applications as well as technical service available. So with Lunawood you can expect the best possible results in a long run – when quality comes in picture.
  19. Where can I see Lunawood? – Our showroom is at Carrim Atterbury store, Faerie Glen
  20. Where can I see completed projects? – Like our Facebook page or subscribe to our newsletters.
  21. Where can I get samples? Call us on 011 478 2841 or
  22. Where can I buy? Call us on 011 478 2841 or

Some of our completed projects

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Lunawood facade vertical installation
Lunawood facade horizontal installation
Lunawood TWPC deck installation
Lunawood SHP Profix2 deck installation

The Story of Lunawood

Lunawood as a name means moon wood, as the founders of Lunawood wanted to emphasize on how work was done throughout the night. It was believed many years ago that when the tree was cut at a certain stage of the moon, it gave mystical benefits to the timber. As the moon wood was not convenient, Lunawood was created.