UPM ProFi composite decking

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UPM ProFi enables the DIY builder to create a durable and stylish stone look solution for any garden deck, patio, terrace or marina.


Specially toughened edges combined with a hard wearing non-brushed surface makes a low maintenance decking with superior impact strength. UPM ProFi is easy to install and requires no special tools.


Representing the next generation of wood plastic composites made from recycled material. UPM ProFi does not contain any harmful materials. UPM ProFi is a quality product made in Germany and Finland.


he Outdoor Living Room.

Life outdoors should be special: whether relaxing or working, celebrating or just living. A deck is more than just a platform: it is the link between your indoor and your outdoor life. It is the heart of your outdoor living room. Life outdoors deserves the best that good design can offer.

Good design does not mean one single style. It acknowledges that we are all different: it allows us to be ourselves. At the same time there are common principles behind all good designs. Good looks matter: so does good performance. Attention to detail matters: many small improvements add up to great design. Respect for the environment is not an option: by using recycled and non-toxic materials we can all be part of the solution.


esign Meets Performance

The UPM ProFi range seeks to be the best decking available. Designed and manufactured in Finland, Germany and the USA, UPM ProFi provides choice of style and consistency in performance. With its clean design, UPM ProFi Deck offers a fresh and modern alternative to traditional decking.

All UPM ProFi decking choices benefit from double protection: a stain resistant surface and an ultra-durable core that will remain structurally sound whether built on the ground, in the ground or even under water. To some this may seem like over engineering: to us, it is being better by design.

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